"Country Garden for All Seasons"
Award-Winning Landscape Design
 Designer: Judy DePue
 FAPLD Certified Designer
Adding new life to your world 

History of New Vistas Landscaping

New Vistas Landscaping began as a custom design business with its first client in 1980. The owner, Judy De Pue often refers to the business as her third child. Her two daughters were born in 1976 and 1978, and the business soon after.

By 1982, New Vistas began locating and selling plants to design customers and by the fall of 1983, New Vistas began to subcontract out installation work. With more commercial and residential work coming along by the fall of 1984, Judy hired her own part time crew. This offered Judy better control over the quality of the installation and the responsiveness of the installers to her directions.

In the spring of 1985, the first full time crew began work under New Vistas Landscaping. 1986 was the year things really started to grow and in the summer of 1987 New Vistas moved to a site on Wilden Avenue. Now for the first time, the Design office, the plant sales yard and the installation crew storage were all in the same place. The late 80’s were good years to grow a business and New Vistas’ reputation for unique, creative designs and careful installations grew as well.

By 1990, Judy purchased the land and buildings on Wilden and began to set up example fences and paths to help clients see choices first hand. Trees that came to New Vistas in a 1-2” caliper (trunk diameter 1 foot off the ground) could now be planted in the ground and grown on. Since 2004 the back tree lot at New Vistas contains trees that range from 3” to 8” in caliper.

In the fall of 1991, New Vistas exhibited their first Remodelers Showcase project after extensive landscaping at Judy’s home including decks, gazebo, paver patio, and water run with pond, fully planted and illuminated with landscape lighting. This same project was also entered in the Remodelers Showcase in the fall of 2007 as the front of the home underwent extensive re-landscaping of the 30 year old plantings.

Over the years, the vehicles and equipment have changed, and employees have come and gone. Current employees on the New Vistas staff have been with the company for an extended period of time (mostly six to ten years). See their info under "staff".

New Vistas Landscaping continues to participate in the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association, the Builder’s Association of Elkhart County, and the Goshen Chamber of Commerce.

The number of projects in Elkhart County as well as surrounding counties has grown and grown. New Vista’s ownership and staff have tried to maintain the creativity and quality of work and yet change the approach as needed for changing times. Landscape services for “do-it-yourselfer” clients as well as full installation customers continue as well as our unique set up for what New Vistas calls share-install. We do the work you would rather not tackle, and you do the part you like.

Our mission, “Bringing New Life to Your World”, and our motto, “Small Enough to Get to Know You, but Big Enough to Serve Your Needs”, still persist.