"Country Garden for All Seasons"
Award-Winning Landscape Design
 Designer: Judy DePue
 FAPLD Certified Designer
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Our Staff

Judy De Pue is the owner of New Vistas Landscaping and has been designing landscapes around Elkhart County and the surrounding area for 32 years. She meets with clients and tries to listen to their wants and needs while planning a landscape that will survive well in the future. Designing landscapes and working in her own yard are her hobbies along with reading and volunteering at Creekside Church of the Brethren, especially in the public Prayer Garden on site. Judy and her husband try to be encouraging to their adult daughters as they pursue volunteer work overseas and a nursing career and really love being grandparents to 2 little boys. Before Judy started New Vistas Landscaping, she used her design training to teach art in the Goshen Community Schools, the parks department, and part time at Goshen College. Her listening ear, creativity, and God’s guidance, have helped New Vistas Landscaping persevere and become what it is today.

Keith Conder originally worked at New Vistas for 7 years in the 1990's, taking the crew foreman position for 6 of those years. After 8 years in another career, this is Keith's 9th year working with installations at New Vistas again, the last 2 years as crew foreman again. In his spare time Keith’s love of music involves him in not only playing the guitar, but making guitars. He has participated in Christian rock bands, and Christian worship teams as well as composing songs. He and his wife are kept busy working and raising two children. Keith came to New Vistas with landscaping experience at Black Squirrel Golf Course, working on the crew that built the course. Keith contributes his skills to the installation projects with a spirit of energy and enthusiasm that helps bring the jobs to completion in good time.